Petting Zoo
Live performance featuring Human/Artist, Donkey, Sheep, Black Goat, Brown Goat
Khoj Live 08 on March 29 2008 at Alliance Francaise, Delhi


Photo Credit: The artist and Khoj

Photo Credit: The artist and Khoj


A Trilogy on Absenting: Leaf Fall, Minds to Lose, and Iceboat are all works based on simple single performances. The trilogy went public in 2008 when I anesthetized myself and four farm animals for a performance titled Petting Zoo. The anesthetization of myself and four farm animals, goats, sheep and a donkey was video-recorded to be projected in the final performance space, in which I lay inert and insensible to the world while the animals were free to wander the shed. We were all open to the touch of the onlooker. In Petting Zoo, I wanted to perform absence knowing that the history of performance is about presence and process.

This is a work related to A Trilogy on Absenting.