Faith in friction
7-channel 4K video installation transferred to HD, each channel with stereo sound
36 minutes, synched loop


Photo: Michael Pollard

Photo: Michael Pollard

As installed at the Manchester Art Gallery, the 7 films clockwise from left entrance with the length of the visual edit:

Breathe In, Breathe Out, 12 minutes
Of One, By One, For One, As One, 6 minutes
Speaking, Moving Bodies, 12 minutes
Making Space, 9 minutes
Layers of Touch, 18 minutes
Proliferating, 9 minutes
Fragments from Fellowship, 12 minutes






Neha Choksi sets up simple yet memorable situations to create poetic, absurd and psychologically engaging works. Her new multi-channel film installation features the artist and her friends. Exploring the relationship between herself and her community, she tests her belief that to learn to be oneself, one always needs others. The film has been shot on the construction site for an expansive and modernizing Jain ashram in India. Inventing open ended and playful situations for her participants, Choksi examines the connections and tensions between solitude and collaboration.

— Natasha Howes, Senior Curator, Manchester Art Gallery


Faith in friction
Manchester Art Gallery

Neha Choksi in conversation with Natasha Howes, Senior Curator
Manchester Art Gallery event video

‘Transformations necessitate lost pasts and renewals of future hopes’
Allie Biswas, Studio International

New North South: Neha Choksi
Pascale Chalmers-Arnold, The Mancunion